About Us

Professionally Licensed


  • TWS Investigations was established in 2009 by Thomas Singleton a licensed professional private investigator. TWS Investigations is a Florida licensed and insured private investigative agency.The agency is based in the Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida area. Thomas is a graduate of S.U.N.Y. @ Canton New York with a degree in Criminal Justice and is a retired Senior Detective from the Tampa Police Department.

Why Choose TWS Investigations?


  • The best answer is that we are a professional agency with advanced investigative training and experience.
  •  Thomas obtained those skills as a senior detective and the lead investigator responsible for the investigation of over 1700 major cases involving people.
  •  Cases that involved reports of child abuse or neglect, elder or disabled person abuse, neglect or exploitation. Juvenile runaways and missing persons, child and adult sex crimes, domestic violence and child and elder death investigations.
  •  Thomas has thousands of hours of investigative experience concerning allegations of employee misconduct, including excessive use of force and officer involved shooting investigations.
  •  Thomas is considered a seeker of the truth in a world of lies and deceit.  TWS Investigations provides clients seeking our services a confidential, comprehensive and often expeditious investigation in search of the facts.
  •  We can also provide the same investigative services with a thorough review of all related existing documentation and additional investigation into the matter if requested.
  •  At TWS Investigations we believe that knowledge is power and in providing fact finding investigative services to clients seeking answers pertaining to their particular concern.

"A seeker of the truth in a world of lies and deceit."


  • Thomas has years of experience in searching for the truth. Years of investigating, interviewing, researching and documenting the facts. He is not intimidated in his quest for information and possesses excellent people skills that have allowed him to communicate and obtain information from people of all different social and economic backgrounds.
  • His experience and professionalism has allowed him to develop and maintain valuable resources within the law enforcement, legal, business and civilian community throughout the Tampa Bay area.
  • As a professional investigator he continues to improve his skills by attending advanced investigative training seminars and personal self study to provide his clients the best investigative service.